When we meet holiday ,what can we do holiday??

expect drink alcoholic and drink alcohol.

Are  you tired of  alcohol.

JIC teachers consider students health . we are always drink alcohol in weekend.

so teachers decide to lead us ,let's go to hot spring to relax our body.

In the morning we take the jeepning . I think it  is everybody's first time to take the jeepning

so we are felt fresh.

OK we arrived the destination.


let cooked the san gia sal ,  san gia sal is popular in KOREA

because in baguio has many Korean, Korean restaurants also followed suit

if  you  visit Baguio ,  you can experience for different Korea culture


This is their hot spring pond .we are so amazing "very small" but it's OK.

Just enjoy your holiday  .In the middle you can see our TOEIC SPEAKING teacher "Janet".

She is funny teacher also is organizer in this time.


Look everybody enjoyed the holiday ,smile face ,i  felt very happy.

Study English in Baguio  is my good experience in my life..


In the middle her  name  is LEAH.

she is a good chief in KOREA.

 Her family's  business is restaurant.

so she also has good cook skill,I appreciate her to give us a delicious meal.

In the right  side is Korean student manager Darran .

He is 22  years old ,he will stay here 9 months.

He really want  to improve his  english  ability.

In JIC not just learn enlish ,if we just learn enlish not make new friends. 

I thinK you will miss some experience in the abroad.

If you want to improve your English speak skill. 

Please speak more , don't be afraid  speak english.

Even if you speak is wrong.

It's important to across your first step.

brave  speak English.

wish everybody can learn English well .






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